18 Jul '08


Blair: the shoulder of a hypocrite

Close Encounters Of The Third Reich Kind

Bush and Blair say they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to win the war on terrorism - fair enough, and we should certainly fight and win that war.
However, the said President, Prime Minister, their advisors and their predecessors, who got us into this mess, don't have much of an understanding of how to get us out.

Fortunately, one senior Bush cabinet member understands more than most - US Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice.
Consider U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair's hypocrisy when he says he is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States of America in fighting the war on terrorism.
In addition, he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's number one terrorist - Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen is a friend and backer of like-minded Royalty, dictators and tyrants ruling many of the Arab or Islamic states - good recruiting territory for Bin Laden.

These local despots encourage and fund their local heroes waging terrorism abroad in order to distract them from figuring out that they'd be better off fighting for genuine freedom and democracy at home.

The treacherous United Kingdom Royal family conspiring with Adolf Hitler to betray Britain, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Photograph of Elizabeth Windsor, niece of Hitler's friend Edward, with George Reid, who as presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament betrayed the Scots by naming Elizabeth as 'Queen of Scots'. Click for Presiding Officers Failings.

Hitler with the Queen's Uncle Edward.

A coin minted with the image of King Edward, nazi sympathizer.

Video: The BBC's "Panorama" exposes how the UK Charity Commission has approved terror funders "Interpal" a.k.a. Hamas. "Her Majesty's suicide bombers?" (BBC: Faith, hate and charity. Broadcast 30th July 2006)

We can take Blair and company seriously when and if he ever starts a prosecution in Parliament of Queen Elizabeth and her family for treason against Britain and its allies.

Remember in the 1930s, British appeasement of Hitler and the Queen's Uncle Edward Entertaining Nazis? (Q.U.E.E.N.) Like uncle like niece.

Ken Livingstone, London Mayor, shares a platform with 7/7 London terror-bomb ideologue Sheikh Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. Dim-wit mayor OKs bombing his own voters?!
Transcript from the US Senate Hearing 25th September 2003.
Speaker - David Aufhauser, General Counsel, US Treasury:
"What happened with Interpal in Britain is really quite chilling. These are the best of our friends. If we cannot convince them to join us against one of the primary funders of Hamas, in the millions of dollars, within weeks after the designation by the EU of Hamas as a foreign terrorist organisation, it gives you some taste of how difficult it is to get other less friendly nations to join us."
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